Saturday, October 17, 2009

Still waiting...

for things to slow down! Brogan caught Bobby's virus and we landed in the ER at 3:00am on October 4th since his fever was 102 degrees and he was younger than 2 months. I couldn't believe that I was watching another child of mine get stuck with needles and even a catheter to get a urine sample. No fun!

John headed back to work this week after 2 weeks off due to his injured back. Physical therapy has been helping him greatly, although he is still in pain while at work. We pray that he continues to heal with time.

Bobby came down with another fever on Thursday. He always freaks us out when his fever goes up because he shivers, turns blue, and breathes rapidly. But we have seen it before and we try to remember to stay calm and pray! John took him back to the doctor where they gave him another flu swab (his 3rd this season). I contemplated asking for some to have at home since this will be standard procedure everytime he is sick!! (just kidding, but it would be nice). Thankfully, it is only another virus. The best news of the day was that Bobby is now up to 28 3/4 lbs (with clothes and shoes). He was down to 26 at the beginning of Sept. when he had tonsilitis, and the doctor was concerned. But he has been eating well (even if it is pizza daily) and it is paying off!! Now if we could just prevent these viruses...

On a lighter note, we had a great adventure last weekend! We headed up to Richmond and visited Short Pump Mall. It reminded me of suburban Chicago, and I was in heaven. To make matters even better, they had a wonderful restaurant called Maggiano's. Talk about wonderful Italian food!! It was also fun because I was able to get some new clothes for work since my old ones don't fit me yet (7 lbs to go). Hopefully I'll be back to my old self soon!

Bobby and Brogan had a big week because they had their first day at a new babysitter on Wednesdays. Our current sitter does not watch children on Wednesdays and for the past 2 years John and Mary have been able to help out. But new scheduling conflicts no longer makes this possible. We were fortunate to find a wonderful family in our neighborhood to help us out! It sounds like the first day went well. You always worry about how your children will behave...and a 2 year old can make things interesting!!

We have a few prayer requests right now. First of all my father's health is declining quickly from diabetes and dementia. This has been very hard on my mother and she is really struggling right now. To make matters even more challenging, my grandmother is not in good health either. My grandfather passed away 1 year ago and it has really impacted her. Also, a dear friend of mine is struggling with complications from a miscarriage. Finally, we are asking that you keep baby Aiden and his family in your prayers. His website is if you want to read more about him.

Thank you for all of your love and support!

The Weeks Family

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're Ready to Get Off of the Roller Coaster...

We are going to start this update off about John. He headed back to the doctor on Friday because his back wasn't feel much better at all. After more x-rays and discussion with the doctor, they feel that it is necessary to begin physical therapy. He will be out from work at least another week. If the therapy isn't successful, we may need to begin discussing surgery. So, right now we are hoping and praying that physical therapy will help relieve John's pain!

On Saturday, Mary and Bobby traveled with Bobby, Brogan, and I to Charlottesville, Virginia. After my practicum class, we headed to an apple orchard. Although we didn't pick any apples, Bobby had a great time in the pumpkin patch and testing out the apples, gords, and sweet potatoes. He was ready to take a bit of just about anything!! The orchard was set among the mountains and the view was delightful. It was a special trip that we hope to share with John next year when he is feeling better!

Now to the hardest part of the week...Last night Brogan woke up with a 102.2 temperature. Since he is under 2 months we were sent to the ER for bloodwork and a urine sample to rule out anything very severe. It was so hard to watch yet another child get poked and prodded. If I didn't think it could get any worse after the 2 sticks to get bloodwork (Brogan's arms are bruised from the tourniquet), then they had to stick a catheter up his pee-pee to get a urine sample. It was so heart-wrenching! He did recover quite quickly though! Despite the trauma, Brogan probably just has the same virus that has worked its way through our family. Tonight he seems to be on the mend, so we pray that the forward progress continues.

I am really enjoying my new job as Math Specialist at my school. It is so fun working with a variety of kids and teachers each day in Math. It has been especially neat to see the continuation of learning from first to second grade, as I am working closely with the 2nd grade classes.

Bobby is doing well and loves being back at his babysitter's house. The current battle is with the insurance company over Synagis, a monthly vaccine against RSV. However, now we have the cardiologist involved, so hopefully Bobby will get the vaccine soon. We will keep you posted! Brogan was 8 weeks on Friday! Enjoy the picture!!