Sunday, September 27, 2009

Freaky Friday!!!

Wow, life is never dull in the Weeks household lately. Unfortunately, we could use some dull right now. Last week was my first week back to work and it ended with a bang. John called me at 12:30 saying that he had fallen, hurt his back, and was on the way to the doctor. He was worried that he couldn't even get out of the car...Then at 2:15 the phone rings again. This time it was Bobby and Brogan's babysitter saying that Bobby had a temperature of 102.7. Yikes! So I picked the boys up and headed to the doctor, meanwhile John called and said that he was on his way to the orthopedist because the general practice doctor felt that he may have fractured his spine...

Bobby tested negative for the flu, but the pediatrician felt that his breathing was too fast and wanted us to go to the ER. Dr. Mom felt that the breathing rate was from the fever and fast heartrate and didn't want to expose Bobby to the ER germs if it was not necessary!! After talking to the doctor several times again, we felt comfortable watching Bobby overnight. Thank goodness for a mother's instinct! Bobby had a fever through Friday night and into Saturday morning, but has been fine since then. He and Brogan both developed a rash which I attribute to the virus. Yes, another virus, apparently the third one in three weeks?? We are a little frustrated and worried what this cold and flu season holds in store for us. I loaded up on probiotics, vitamins, OJ, etc. to help us fight through this. Prayers are helpful too!!

Ok, now back to John...Fortunately he did not fracture his spine. However, it was discovered that he L5 vertebrae at the bottom of his spine is pushed forward a few millimeters. It has been causing him pain and probably will for the rest of his life. The fall that he took has aggravated the problem and his pain is severe. He was given a lot of medication to get him through this, but it has been a slow recovery. But as long as he does not begin to feel pain in his legs, there will not be a bigger issue.

So, we are hoping for a healthier and smoother week! It is hard to believe that Brogan will be 8 weeks next Friday. He is growing and changing every day. We are so thankful that he is such an easy-going baby because he has spent quite a bit of time in the doctor's office and hospital while we have dealt with Bobby!

I guess that is all for now (if it isn't enough!!). Hopefully the next update will have fun news!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

A New Beginning

Now that we have Brogan as part of our family, I thought it was time to create a new website to keep you updated. Carepages is not always working quite right, and I would like people to be able to keep up with us without having to deal with all of the hassle! So here goes nothing...
I have no idea what I am doing as I create this blog, so please stay with me!

Last week was quite interesting!! John had a chance to attend the Jimmy Buffett concert in D.C., so I hung out with Bobby and Brogan. Bobby has been testing the limits so to speak since Brogan was born, and we have been having a difficult time getting him to bed. So I guess we shouldn't have been surprised when he woke up sick on Monday. His tonsils were quite swollen and red, but he tested negative for strep and the flu so they diagnosed him with viral tonsillitis. The goal was to keep him drinking to stay hydrated and give him motrin for pain. But as the days went on, Bobby drank less and less. By Wednesday afternoon we were really worried (1 sip juice and 1 spoonful oatmeal) and took him to the doctor. He had lost a pound and they were concerned as well, but after speaking with the cardiologist decided that we would give it until the next morning to see if Bobby started drinking again. The feeling of seeing your child in such pain, wanting to eat or drink but not being able to, is so horrible!

Unfortunately, Bobby did not pick up enough and was looking pretty dehydrated. We ended up in the ER for fluids and bloodwork to make sure that nothing worse was going on. They took excellent care of Bobby. He enjoyed the slurpees and didn't even mess with his IV or pulse ox monitor, which really shocked us. His oxygen saturations even got as high as 82! He perked up quite a bit after the fluids and we were sent home. Of course, when he didn't seem as perky at home we were pretty worried. But after a solid night's sleep, he seemed better in the morning and drank 3 juice boxes! Each day has been a little better and today he really is eating well. We hope that this isn't an indicator of how our cold and flu season will go!

Brogan is now 5 weeks old! He is a sweet and calm baby who really only cries when he is hungry. Brogan never misses a meal...quite a difference from Bobby who we had to wake to eat. Brogan is smiling and loves to talk too. He had his 1 month old check-up today and he is 10lbs 6.5oz, 21.5 inches tall, and his head is 15in. It is amazing how quickly they grow! This is our last week of maternity leave and it will be so hard to leave such a tiny baby. But we are blessed to have a wonderful babysitter and that will help calm my nerves!

I guess that is all for now...stay tuned!!