Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 years ago today...

Bobby was undergoing his 2nd open heart surgery on John's birthday! Today he is a healthy and happy 3 year old. We sure are blessed and continue to treasure each moment as a family. Bobby is down to 5 medicines (Aspirin, Lasix, Enalapril, Sildenafil, Aldactone) now, and next week he will be down to 4 as we are weaning off of the Aldactone. He has tolerated the weaning beautifully. 2.5 weeks ago we went for a chest x-ray and it was clear! We are adjusting to Charlotte and loving it! Our days have been spent at the YMCA swimming and visiting John or "Coconut" which is his camp name. Bobby attended preschool lego camp 3 weeks ago and had a blast. He did have one traumatic event when a 5 year old punched him in the mouth. I think I was more traumatized by it than him! Our latest adventure with Bobby involves potty training. And yes, it has been an adventure. He didn't start off too excited about it, but once he started earning coins for Chuckie Cheese, progress was made. He has actually been more successful at going poop, but the pee is coming along. Bobby tells everyone about Chuckie Cheese, and invites them to come along. He is quite the character. We are trying to get him trained for preschool at the YMCA, which he starts at the beginning of September.

Brogan will be in childcare at the YMCA, and then we will have a babysitter watch the kids in the afternoon until I get home. It has been a challenge finding a good sitter because no one compares to our Doris, who has watched Bobby since he was 6 months old and Brogan since he was 6 weeks old! Brogan is just about walking! He is taking about 6 steps at a time. He loves to climb, as we have found him on chairs, the toilet, boxes, etc...quite the little dare devil! He is still full of smiles, but shows signs of a little temper developing (the red hair?). He and Bobby both love playing with the dogs, especially tug of war.

Brogan's craniofacial surgery is scheduled for August 11th. The boys and I will fly out on August 9th. However, we are having some complications because neither the plastic surgeon nor the neurosurgeon accept our insurance. At this point they have submitted authorization for the surgery, but we do not have a response. We are pretty stressed to be dealing with this complication only 12 days before surgery. We can try to appeal, but if the appeal falls through we are back to square one. It is especially frustrating since the flights are booked, some fees have already been paid, and Brogan has been getting shots to build up his blood so that he does not need a blood transfusion following surgery. One possible comfort in all of this is that there is a surgeon in Virginia who has trained under the surgeon that we were planning to have. I have emailed him to get more information just in case we are placed in this situation. It could be a mess, so we are just trying to trust that God has the ultimate plan and He will lead us to it and through it.

So I guess that is the update from the Weeks' household for now. I will keep you posted on Brogan's surgery. He also has his 1st birthday coming up on the 7th of August (where does the time go!). This week we are looking forward to a visit from my parents as they should be in the air now!
Hope everything is well with you and your families!

Heart Hugs!